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About The Crowd FAQs

What is the Crowd?
The Crowd is a private party for people who like to party and party well! Learn more about the Crowd.
What is the average size of each Party?
We try and keep each party Crowd cozy and intimate. Each party Crowd is between 40 to 50 guests, assuring Crowd variety and kinship.
What is the men to women ratio at the Party?
We work very hard to maintain a gender balance in our parties. Which means 50/50 ratio that is so very critical to a fun party!
Do you provide transportation to/from the Party?
No, we don't. You will need to get to the Preparty venue on your own. However, we provide full stretch limo transportation between all our party venues. It's all part of our party experience. And at the end of the party, we make sure you get home safe. Our party hosts/hostesses can arrange a taxi for you back home!
How do I get from one party location to another?
The Crowd Party is all about having a ROCKSTAR experience. We provide stretch limo transportation between all party venues. So you can continue the party enroute to the next party!
Do I have to wait in line at the dance clubs?
No, with the Crowd, you will skip the line and get to party fast!
Do you provide Table Servuce/VIP/Bottle Service at Dance Clubs?
Yes, we do. You can purchase table-service tickets whenever available on our scheduled parties.
Table Service pricing is very fluid on the Beach. It depends the location of the Table in the Club, the season, and of course, if any special programming is scheduled by the Dance Club for that night. As such, Table Service pricing at the Beach's premier nightclubs fluctuate between $ 350 on regular nights to $ 1450 to special events/seasons. 
We work very hard to deliver Table Service whenever possible for our guests. If we don't have table service tickets on any party you want to attend, simply give us a call toll free @ +1 (888) 380-6707 and we may be able to arrange one for you.
How much can I expect to spend on a night out on the Beach?
Our party pass ticket prices reflect the seasonal pricing of Dance/Nightclub prices on the Beach.
Our Party Pass Ticket is priced between $ 150 ( Mixer Parties) and $ 250 ( Dance Parties ).
Our Party Pass Ticket + Table Service Ticket  ( Dance Parties only ) is priced between $ 350 ( regular nights )- $ 1450 ( special event nights ).
In addition, depending on the venue, the average cocktail can be anywhere from $ 10-40. A casual drinker should expect to spend between $ 50 - $ 200 on a night out on the Beach. Although, we typically provide either an open bar or semi-open bar at the preparty and after party, you should still come prepared with a drinking budget!
When is the next Party?
We have a party every single day! Simply find the party you want to attend and purchase your tickets. Tickets are available for purchase online 8 days before the party. Tickets are no longer available 24 hours before the event. Our party calendar & schedule is here. 
How do I get tickets?
Simply browse the events calendar to find an event you want to attend, and purchase your tickets. Our events calendar is here.
Can I purchase tickets at the door on the day of the Party?
Sorry, no. We do not sell tickets at Party venues. Reservations/tickets are available online, 24 hours before the event. 
Are free drinks included in the ticket price?
Yes. Drinks are included in the ticket price.
For the PreParty and After Parties venues, depending on the venue, we provide complimentary Open or Semi-open Bars. An Open Bar means all free drinks! A Semi-open bar means guests are provided with limited of free drinks or heavily discounted drinks!
For Dance Parties and Mixer Party venues, drinks are NOT included in regular party pass tickets. However, drinks are included with Table Service Tickets.
Help, the party I want is sold out! What can I do?
Unfortunately, not much. We take great pride in curating our party experience, so we have a strict limit on how many guests can attend each party.
Help, tickets are not yet available for the Party I want! What can I do?
Yes, we typically post ticket prices 8 days ( 1 week ) before the event. This is simply due to the fact that pricing at the Beach's premier nightclubs is very, very fluid. Dance clubs set prices based on demand, season, performing artist/DJ, celebrities in attendance and so on. Pricing for entrance, VIP and Table Services usually firms up the week of the party. 
To make it easier for you to get tickets for the party that you want to attend, simply follow the party!
On the party page, find and click on the +Follow button to receive an email alert when tickets pricing are posted for the party. 
What are your payment options?
We accept payments via Paypal, so you can pay with your credit/debit card and electronic checks.
I live outside the US. How do I pay for my tickets?
Paypal supports a lot of countries ( see here for complete list ), so try it first. If your country is not supported, please contact our helpdesk and we may be able to arrange an alternate payment method.
I have my tickets, now what?
All locations of the PRE, DANCE and AFTER parties are printed on your event registration ticket. Party starts with the Pre Party! So, on the day of the event, simply join the Pre Party Crowd. Our hosting team will be onsite to welcome you and plug you in the Crowd.
What is the Party dress code?
Be yourself but dress to impress. South Beach's premier dance clubs reserve the right to refuse entry if improperly attired. Guys, please don a jacket!
Can I skip any of the Parties?
Yes, but we recommend you make the Pre Party, so our hosting team can properly check you in the Crowd. Once checked in, you can do anything you want, leave and join the Crowd as you need.
Why is the Check-in important?
One simple reason: loooong lines at the dance clubs! We work hard with the dance club management to skip these buzz kills for our guests, and the Pre Party check-in is where we deliver the Party Passes for the night. With your Party Pass in hand, even if you are NOT with the Crowd, you can still breeze into the Dance Party when you are ready.
I am unable to attend the Party. What is your refund policy?
We provide full refunds for tickets/registrations received 72 hrs or 3 days before the date/time of event. Simply contact Helpdesk. Refunds are processed and confirmed within 24hrs.
Do you guys offer daytime events too?
No, we surveyed our team, and nobody is awake at those times.

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